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Jennifer Williamson


As a physiotherapist and the owner of Personal Care Physio since 1998, Jennifer Williamson’s primary goal is to optimize patient care through a dynamic team approach while continuing her own education as a practitioner. Jennifer graduated in 1995 with a Bachelor of Science degree in physiotherapy and in 1999 finished a Masters degree in Science, specializing in neurology. The Masters degree focused on gait (walking) analysis and neurological conditions (i.e. stroke, etc.).  She is Board Certified in Integrative Medicine Pediatrics with additional Advanced Pediatric Osteopathic training.


Since completing her physiotherapy degree, Jennifer has taken extensive course work in manual physiotherapy, cranial sacral therapy, visceral manipulation, lymphatic drainage, myofascial release, acupuncture (body and ear), heart centered therapy, and somato emotional release. Her extensive background gives her the ability to treat the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels of all her patients.

She completed the 5 year Canadian osteopathic program, enabling her to work and implement more of a osteopathic methodology and manual skills into her practice. She is now doing her thesis with children who are on the autistic spectrum under the advisory of her mentor Dr. Shawn K Centers D.O., at The Children’s HOPE Center in San Diego.

Jennifer specializes in a wide variety of traumas and because she addresses the physical, emotional and spiritual levels she is able to meet the needs of the entire being with a Whole Practitioner view.

She loves to treat all ages from the elderly to infants. Some of her specialties are women’s health, such as infertility, obstetrics and gynecology, children with neuro developmental delays and children who are on the autistic spectrum (hyperactive and ADAD), lymphedema, issues with the digestive track, concussions, whiplash, migraines, TMJ pain, MVA traumas, gait analysis, sport injuries, arthritis.

Please call her office for more of her specialties.

Her clinics not only provide a teaching environment for physiotherapy students, but also includes extensive patient education. Jennifer feels that her clinic’s therapists, as well as herself, offer a warm healing environment conductive to promoting total health and well being.