COVID-19 VIRUS: Effective immediately, PCPO is currently booking Telehealth Physio for new and existing clients for Physiotherapy. If you require urgent care, please contact our office to arrange to speak with a therapist to determine if a direct physical examination is required and/or Telehealth would be more appropriate. Telehealth sessions allow you to seamlessly continue with your rehab goals during this time of social distancing. Online booking for Telehealth Physio 1:1 care is now available at our online booking site.

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Personalized Exercise

Personalized Exercise Therapy can help with the following:
Exercise therapy can:

  • improve general conditioning
  • increase strength, flexibility and coordination
  • relieve chronic pain
  • aid in the recovery from a motor vehicle accident
  • improve sport specific performance
  • control obesity, promote weight loss
  • reduce stress
  • help rehabilitation following accident or injury
  • improve posture and workplace ergonomics
  • relieve dizziness and vertigo
  • help recovery from repetitive strain injuries
  • offer lifestyle education
  • improve cardiovascular health
  • help prevent sports and work injuries
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