Manual Physio

Manual therapy is a broad term, used to describe a hands-on approach to diagnose and restore balance within the body. Manual therapy can include manipulation, mobilization, and massage of soft tissues, visceral organs and joint structures to reduce pain and inflammation, improve range of motion, tissue repair, contractility and extensibility, and to enhance function in all systems of the body.

Manipulation techniques typically involved an impulse to a joint or articulation, without inducing movement past the available range. This technique is often accompanied by a “popping” sound as the joint cavitates and opens.

Mobilization techniques involve passive movement of joint structures and soft tissues. Your therapist will use knowledge of specific joint kinematics and soft tissue anatomy to restore optimal motion within a structure.

Massage involves several repetitive rubbing, stripping, and kneading techniques to improve muscle and fluid dynamics within the body.

Therapists at Personal Care Physiotherapy and Osteopathy are highly trained in manual therapy techniques, and will complete a thorough assessment to determine which treatment types will be most beneficial to each individual patient.

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