COVID-19 VIRUS: Effective immediately, PCPO is currently booking Telehealth Physio for new and existing clients for Physiotherapy. If you require urgent care, please contact our office to arrange to speak with a therapist to determine if a direct physical examination is required and/or Telehealth would be more appropriate. Telehealth sessions allow you to seamlessly continue with your rehab goals during this time of social distancing. Online booking for Telehealth Physio 1:1 care is now available at our online booking site.

Stay tuned to this website and follow us on Facebook for further updates.

Health and Wellness Studio

Our mission is to improve the body, mind and spirit by employing a dynamic team approach that combines conventional and alternative therapy techniques.

We are offering a growing number of classes to help you achieve your optimal health and wellness.

What makes us a Wellness Center?

  • We employ a multi-disciplinary approach of practitioners with over 40 years experience in health and wellness.
  • In addition to certifications in specific practices (i.e. yoga, pilates, and personal trainers) our therapists are trained professionally in the fields of osteopathy, physiotherapy, natural health/nutrition, massage, acupuncture, human energy field, and essential oils. Our extensive understanding of the whole body, physically and energetically, creates a client centred holistic approach to your personal well being.
  • We strive to be: current on new evidence based research; knowledgeable; adaptable to your needs; passionate; aware; and empathetic. Thus, enabling you to receive individual care and attention specific to your needs, body type, personal goals and level of wellness
  • Many of the staff are trained in the use of essential oil therapy.
  • We offer Human Bio-field Tuning Therapy which heals with vibrational sound therapy.
  • We advocate anti-inflammatory diets and work closely with a Naturopath to ensure your dietary needs are working in harmony with our physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional therapies.
  • We utilize state of the art technology with Bio Well(TM) and HeartQuest(TM) to assess your total well being.
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