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Custom Orthotics

Do you have Foot Pain? – We can HELP!

We also offer a successful treatment technique for several other conditions involving: ankle, knee, hip and back.

Personal Care Physio is proud to announce that we now offer a comprehensive gait analysis tool called TOG Gait Scan. This diagnostic tool has been specifically engineered to assist us with the assessment and diagnosis of the patient’s foot biomechanics. We truly believe that the TOG Gait Scan is the best option available in custom orthotic therapy for use in our clinic.

At Personal Care Physio, we are highly trained in foot mechanics and gait analysis. As physiotherapists, we have extensive background in body alignment and foot biomechanics. For gait assessments and analysis we use the TOG Gait Scan. This enhances our ability to assess and customize each patient’s prescription orthotics.

Additionally, we offer custom foot orthotics and custom footwear (shoes, sandals, sneakers and men’s boots).

If you have any further questions or would like to visit our clinic and try our new “TOG Gait Scan,” feel free to contact us.

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